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The fear of the Lord is the instruction of Wisdom, and before honour is humility”

A glee fills my heart to Praise God for his abundance of blessings and grace. As I am penning, I hold and acknowledge the above God’s promise on our school. Daniel Matriculation School offers an excellent academic environment to face the challenging future among the diverse student population with the vision and mission for Pray, Learn and Prosper and to connect them in one umbrella, to succeed the fore-coming opportunities ahead of them as lifelong learners in globe wide.

The school is marching to touch its third decade with great dreams that has now grown in leaps and bounds with trust in God Almighty and now extended even in outskirts to huge heights of quantity and quality.


Our Prime Motto concerning the academic entity is to develop the latent in student and to prepare them for the changing challenges in future by encouraging them in Self- discipline, high intellectual achievements with physical fitness so as to raise them up with huge morality and traditional values.

To awaken up the minds of students, we implement a universal standard in education to bloom them in good thought and deed, including the value of ethics and loyalty to motherland. We build them good communicative skill to reach the peak and to sustain esteemed personality.

The harmony and symphony of the world lies in teaching the essence of God to pursue academically and excelling in curricular and co- curricular activities. School dares to do the above salute along with that it draws personal and individual attention on every student to ensure the maximum comforts and renders to Endeavour them in meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable educational experience.
The idea enshrines to meet the prosperity and excel them in all imperative requirement in students life. The above definitely ensures you on Why to select an education for your child in Daniel Matriculation School.

Let me simplify your crucial decision as Daniel Matriculation School is widely spreading out its blanket to reach the destiny of an unknown future world and enlighten a student to flourish their future outstandingly.

Let the name of God Almighty be Blessed.

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