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About School

Daniel Matriculation School was started in 1993 to offer kids a chance to dream, dare and do. The expression of our faculty encourages the young to dream, to use their imagination to soar to what they will be then dare to follow that dream with the truth of action. For more info click this site http://WageringBuddy.com . At Daniel School we tend to aim to show the kid that everything he learns in class can facilitate to boost the standard of his life – promptness, discipline, manner, respect for authority, kindness towards the weak, compassion for the necessitous. All this can be as necessary because the formal subjects he learns in class, in creating him a worthy individual World Health Organization are a credit to his family, his college and therefore the society during which he lives.
The School especially to promote the children from the low socioeconomic background to achieve their goals in dedicated manner.
The purpose of the school is to cater the need of the backward and downtrodden children in education and to shape children to fit in the modern social, technical environments of the society


The school offers a sound liberal Christian and general education aiming at the development of character and total personality of each pupil through a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities,The School is co-educational at all levels.

School Motto

The school motto is pray. Learn and prosper.

Academic Data

Class                                :        I to X
Medium of Instruction      :       English
Second Language           :      Tamil or Hindi

The School also have a Nursery Section

L.K.G            —    3 to 4 years
U.K.G           _    4 to 5 years

It is hoped that Std XI & XII will be opened in near future .

An originals date of birth Certificate has to be produced at the time of admission if they are coming from School ,  not recognized by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

Under no circumstances the  Original date of Birth Certificate will be returned to the pupil  as the date of birth mentioned in our  Transfer Certificate will  Valid.

New admissions are made during   April, May and June . If a student  wishes to withdraw  from the school, a Transfer Certificate will be issued only on payment of all  the fees due for the term which the student had last attended.

This is the age of Computers . The Computer is a powerful tool both in education and industry. A knowledge of Computer programming would provide a useful vocational training leading to enhance job opportunities. With this aim in view, “ Computer Science” classes have been introduced from the academic  year 1995. This exposure to computer will enable the students to boldly face the new area of information Technology.

The School works from 9 -15 am to 3-30 p.m .with a lunch interval between the morning and afternoon sessions.

School Uniform

BOYS:        Brown pants, Brown checked half Shirt’s

GIRLS:        Brown coloured Pinafore with box pleats checked blouse with Shirt Collar, double plait with black ribbon , black shoes and black

The student should be posses a pair of white canvas Shoes for physical education and games.
The school uniform is compulsory on all school days and at school functions. Pupils should come to school, clean and tidy. Hair should be well
trimmed and combed.
On Wednesday and on special occasions all the Boys and Girls are expected to be in full white uniform.


Science club, literary activities and cultural activities like dramatics, music are also given due importance.

Children are encouraged actively to participate in sports and games. For more updates visit this site 1 to 3 random words


Staff are trained and experienced teachers who are well qualified.

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